Free Expert Consultation on Nutrition and Diet

You probably know the types of food to include in your diet – and those to avoid – in order to eat for health, but how carefully do you follow your own knowledge? Do you need confirmation from an expert to give a serious stamp of approval to make sure you keep at it? As those New Year resolutions already start to drop away, might it be time to really look at your lifestyle and diet to see where change or improvement is needed?

Following the success of her last Nutrition and Diet Q & A session*, we are delighted to announce another free Expert consultation with nutrition scientist Dr Nina Bailey.

Nina has advised many people on a variety of topics within the health and diet spectrum. Her knowledge and dynamic approach to education are refreshing and inspiring. She’s an active member of expert panels on trusted websites. She regularly holds training workshops with the public. Many people seek her opinions and recommend her as a qualified specialist. Nutrition in health and disease is the main area of interest for Nina. In her work she concentrates on the role of essential fatty acids in conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, diabetes, ADHD and many more. She also specializes in digestive health and children’s disorders.

If you want to brush up on nutrition facts, need advice to help maintain or improve health, or have a specific question, Igennus offers you the opportunity to talk to someone who can provide answers.

Advice from Dr Nina may be one of the easiest, most motivating ways of keeping those New Year’s resolutions. Whether you want to lead a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet or need to improve your health (alleviate pain, find help for chronic health conditions or boost your energy levels) the tips from Dr Nina should get you started on the way to a more organised and successful strategy.

If you want personalised nutrition advice and support, this is an opportunity for you. Dr Nina Bailey will answer any nutrition-related questions between 3pm and 5pm on 15th February 2011. Please call her on 08451300424. Calls within the UK are charged at local rates.

For more information visit Igennus Healthcare Nutrition or email

*You can read the most interesting questions and answers from her previous phone session published on Igennus Healthcare Nutrition blog.

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