Case study: how Pharmepa RESTORE helped Louise beat PMT

Louise ChiltonI feel ‘normal’. That is the best way to describe it. Normal, and strong; strong enough to look after my family the way I want to. It’s wonderful!

The words of 34-year old Louise, who has suffered with PMT for a large part of her adult life. Pharmepa RESTORE has given her the lifeline she was so desperately seeking.

Having tried off-the-shelf fish oils in the past in a bid to avoid taking prescribed antidepressants, Louise found that nothing brought her back to a stable place long enough to feel ‘fully-functioning’.

I am generally upbeat, but I would have periods of real lows. Mood swings, anxiety and just generally being really ratty, which wasn’t fair on my son, or husband.

Louise’s husband has suffered with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder since leaving the army, and although he is treating his condition successfully, her naturally caring nature means that Louise has longed to be strong enough to support him constantly throughout his journey.

An independent woman who thrives on being busy, Louise hasn’t let her condition stand in her way. She works three days a week as a PA, runs a cleaning company and also sings in a band.

However, the turning point came for Louise following the birth of their son five years ago, and getting a formal diagnosis of postnatal depression.

I didn’t want to take antidepressants, but I also didn’t want to miss that precious time with my new son. I took them for about six months and came off them no problem.”

A few months ago, Louise started to experience new symptoms that caused her concern, and ultimately moved her to explore a fresh solution.

I got onto ‘Google’ and started searching for something that could help me; something that wasn’t antidepressants! I found Pharmepa RESTORE and read that it was one of the purest and highest doses I could take without medical intervention. I have to say that the live chat function on the Igennus website was so helpful, allowing me to ask questions around dosage and symptoms.

“Within a couple of weeks I felt what I can only describe as ‘normal’. I wasn’t getting down days, my mood swings were under control and my PMT was so much better.”

Louise has now been taking Pharmepa RESTORE for three months and continues to see improvements in her condition.

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