Update on Plant-based Omega Oils

There is little question around the fact that omega-3 fats offer a variety of  health benefits, from looking after your heart to improving (and maintaining) mood.  Generally, the health properties are associated with long-chain fatty acids primarily found in fish and fish oils.  But what if you are vegetarian or simply exclude fish from your diet for other reasons?  As a follow on from our appearance at the Bristol Veggie Fayre, I have written a small article on this subject entitled ‘Vegetarians, vegans and omega-3s: are they getting enough?’  Published, and due out in the August/September edition of Choice & Wellbeing magazine, I highlight, and explain, current trends in omega-3 intake in non-fish eating populations and how to improve on shortfalls.  Igennus recognises that not everyone can, or wants to take a fish oil and whilst we could provide alternatives such as a flaxseed oil, we also recognise that, as a source of omega-3, flaxseed oil doesn’t really cut the mustard!

Having had our eye firmly on the progress of echium seed oil and its route down the path of achieving food approval, we are delighted to be able to offer our customers the best vegetarian source of omega-3 possible.  In fact we have dedicated a site specifically to highlight the benefits and provide current information to our ‘non-fish eating’ customers on how to get the best from their omega-3.

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