Whether you are new to nutrition or are a passionate omega-3 afficionado looking for new developments, you will find key nutrition information in this section of our website that should answer most of your questions about the science behind the active ingredients in our therapeutic products.

Having read our science resources, if you’d like to get your hands on more technical material, we’d recommend browsing our resources for Professionals, which include technical articles, product materials and webinars by our in-house nutrition scientists specifically for practitioners. Alternatively, our nutritionists would be more than happy to direct you to further reading on any of the topics outlined on our site.

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Omega-3 science

The role of omega-3s, omega-3 & 6 balance, EPA vs DHA, good and bad omega-6s, dietary omega-3 sources, omega-3 supplements for clinical use.

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Synergistic nutrients

Learn about the synergistic nutrients in our omega-3 blends and individual therapeutic supplements in more detail.


Nutrition blog

On nutritionists and guest authors offer informative and entertaining diet and nutrition tips on our nutrition blog.

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