Practitioner spotlight – Cynthia Sillars

My approach to fish oils had become increasingly sceptical over the years, finding in practice that even the best oils had a ‘repeating’ effect with some patients, or that with bio resonance muscle testing the products never come up as raising the vitality of the person being tested.


I had read Dr Puri’s excellent book on Chronic Fatigue, and had used Vegepa for children, including my own and then later my grandchildren. The results seemed to be very reassuring and I saw the products as a ‘child-only’ option. One child in particular was due to have an appointment with a psychiatrist for attention and hyper-activity problems in her school class. Using Vegepa and a carefully restructured diet, the situation resolved itself without intervention and the little girl remains well to this day. Therefore for her, this has been ‘life changing’.

This made me rethink the evidence of Igennus products and their commitment to excellence and I decided I would give the Pharmepa Restore Step 1 and the Pharmepa Step 2 Maintain a second look. I had one client in particular in mind – a man who suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis and who had decided, shortly after his diagnosis, not to take pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate the symptoms. He had been coming to see me off and on for five years with good results. Currently he felt mostly well but had occasional joint pain and swelling, plus a fatigue that was new for him. I was concerned, so I recommended the Pharmepa Step 1. His joint swelling around his wrists subsided within two weeks. His sleep also improved.

Inflammation, dehydration and, to some degree, pain is present in everyone I see at my clinics, so for me it makes sense to follow the two-step protocol for them all. I meet little resistance from patients taking them long-term because they all testify to feeling better. I have recommended Pharmepa products to clients with conditions such as psoriasis, MS, RA, chronic fatigue and poor sleep as well as many others; it seems there are few conditions that don’t require the ‘special’ fish oils. I use them myself.

Cynthia Sillars DipIK, KFRP, NLP Naturopathic Consultant and Kinesiologist.

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