Practitioner Spotlight: Robin Pauc

Robin PaucThis month we speak to Robin Pauc and find out why Igennus products are top of his list for his integrative approach to treating childhood neurological disorders:

“In the past I have used a variety of products that are readily available on the supermarket shelves. However, now I only recommend the Igennus range of products. The reason why I switched was that while doing research for a book I was working on I came across conflicting research as to the value of prescribing omega 3-6. Fortunately, I found a very useful piece of research which stated that the higher the EPA content and the lower the DHA, the more likely the product was to work.

Having highly experienced and qualified support a phone call away is a great benefit to many parents and the very generous 25% discount makes Vegepa affordable to the majority of households. The treatment I provide to children with learning and behavioural disorders is truly holistic but the starting point and mainstay of the treatment regime is diet and supplementation. Since switching to Vegepa, I have noticed early positive feedback from parents and a definite increase in the use of words like calmer, more focused and happier. The medium-term benefits for children who are impulsive and/or hyperactive is particularly noticeable.

Only this morning a parent cancelled the second appointment for her son, as she said since changing his diet and putting him on Vegepa he was a different child. One very happy mother and I get an extra tea break. A definite winner all round.”

Robin Pauc is a Past Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology. He has been in clinical practice for over 30 years and now has a special interest in developmental disorders in children. Robin is the author of a number of books covering a variety of genres – anatomy, poetry, a user’s guide to spinal problems and learning and behavioural issues of childhood.   Robin is the founder of The Tinsley House Clinic, which is situated in the New Forest National Park and provides an ideal setting for both research and treatment. Robin has a particular interest in the treatment of children who have previously been diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, OCD and Tourette’s syndrome of childhood.

For more information you can visit or email or call 01590 612432.

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