Anne Samuel

Anne Samuel BSc MSc is a Naturopath-Herbalist working in London, who has found that people’s health improves more quickly and sustainably if they eat (and take) what they are ready, willing and able to, rather than what they are told they should. She works with you, considering your lifestyle and preferences to find out how you can make adaptations to improve your health.  As a foundation to this approach, she uses a technique called NAET® to find out what food and environmental intolerances or sensitivities you have, if any, and treat them. This is to build up a more healthy foundation for your future. If you are in need of supplementation or herbs to support your progress, using muscle response technique or dowsing, she can check that your body is able to digest and assimilate it before you start taking it. You can contact and or read more about this technique on Anne’s website. Most people are found to need very high quality omega 3 and 6 essential fats and Igennus offers products that suits most clients well. Like any supplement, or herbal tincture Anne makes up for you, once tested to ensure they are what you need, these are either brought in for your appointment or ordered to be posted to a convenient address so there is no guesswork on your part. Anne is a member of the URHP (United Register of Herbal Practitioners) and CMA (Complementary Medical Association).

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