Aryan Tavakkoli

Dr Aryan Tavakkoli has a 25 year background in hospital medicine, 15 of those at consultant level. She is a specialist in respiratory medicine and has held substantive consultant posts in the NHS and in New Zealand.

Dr Tavakkoli offers a progressive approach to treatment, combining her extensive experience in conventional medicine with the benefits of Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine, to provide what she considers to be a more effective treatment approach to chronic disease that enables her to address the root causes of disease and to offer a more holistic experience for her patients.

In her practice at Quantum Clinic, Dr Tavakkoli uses state of the art laboratory tests to identify root causes of disease such as chronic inflammation, infection, nutritional deficiencies, environmental triggers for disease, and imbalances in biochemical/gastrointestinal /hormonal/immune and other body systems, then addresses the underlying problem using evidence-based treatments including nutritional medicine, lifestyle adaptation, low level laser therapy, Bemer physical vascular therapy and other interventions.

Her aim is to resolve the problem at root level and therefore enable her patients to achieve long term wellness and a better quality of life than would be achieved by using an allopathic medical approach alone.

Dr Tavakkoli is a member of the Royal College of Physicians, fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, member of the British Thoracic Society, member of the British Medical Laser Association, and member of the Independent Doctors Federation.

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