Cliff Le Clercq

Cliff le Clercq Cliff Le Clercq is a well respected therapist with many years’ experience in private practice, noted for his special knowledge in the field of addiction and healing post traumatic stress disorder – a field of endeavour that has led to implementing new drug-free routes to treating depression, with great success. Cliff combines a detox and introduction of high dose omega-3 & -6 fatty acids alongside intense Psychotherapy. Underpinning this approach is Cliff’s belief that the mind and body have enormous capacity to heal.

 “Cliff’s capacity to cut straight to the point and create real safety for his clients is truly remarkable.” Tim Laurence, author of You can change your life and Director of the Hoffman institute, U.K.

“I have witnessed Cliff’s effectiveness, skill and empathy in helping people towards health and fulfilment, and I have complete trust in him.” Kip Flock, Clinical director of the John Bradshaw centre at Ingleside Hospital in Los Angeles.

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