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Hello, and welcome to my information site about Healthy World Nutrition.

My name is Nuri Adams-Davies, and I’ve been involved with nutrition since I was 5 years old when an Ayurvedic doctor put me on a special diet, which helped me cope with tummy problems and asthma. As an adult, I have seen how people’s relationship to food can be used to successfully manage a wide variety of individual problems, and I especially like giving people information and watching them make improvements.

Most health problems do not exist simply on their own, but manifest in symptoms in different areas of the body – for example, very often skin conditions, immune problems and mood issues are caused by GI imbalance (commonly called dysbiosis). This is because all body systems are interconnected, and as such, must be investigated to find the root cause of problems. That being said, my specialities (listed below) are some of the more common health issues I’ve helped people with, but I do enjoy coming across new problems and putting together individualised plans. I warmly invite you to visit my Facebook page while my website is under construction and phone or email me with questions, or to make an appointment.

I offer nutritional support and diagnostic testing for people who are trying to help themselves through a variety of imbalances. Some of these include arthritis and joint problems, various respiratory and immune problems, GI disturbances, IBS and IBD, sibo, concentration problems, stress-related issues, mood disorders, immune challenges, skin conditions, adrenal imbalances, female hormonal challenges, thyroid conditions, blood sugar imbalances (such as diabetes), Candida and parasite problems, and many ongoing (chronic) problems that the NHS hasn’t been able to identify.

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