Gillian Key

Gillian KeyHaving practised as a Nutritional Therapist for 14 years, Gilliam has worked with hundreds of clients who came to her for hundreds of different reasons. But they have one thing in common – they all wanted to feel better!


One of the reasons Gillian is so passionate about her work is knowing how changes to diet can have a truly profound effect on our health by treating the cause, not just the symptoms – so many health problems are related to some sort of nutritional imbalance, intolerance or allergy. She’s not just interested in the everyday niggles so many of us suffer but a whole host of other complaints too. Here are just a few of the areas Gillian is often asked to help with:


– Digestion

– Skin conditions

– Weight loss

– Diabetes

– Arthritis

– Stress & anxiety

– Womens health and the menopause

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