Joanna Oates

Joanna OatesJoanna Oates, BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy, BANT, CNHC registered, specialises in weight management, digestive problems, food sensitivities, skin disorders, hormonal issues and cardiovascular health. Joanna has a certificate in Obesity Management from the National Centre of Eating Disorders so she can help you with emotional eating problems. Her aim is to help you optimise your health via personalised nutrition programs which fit your lifestyle and budget. She has a realistic, practical approach to nutrition and wants to help you develop a healthy happy relationship with food and your body. Joanna has completed the Berkeley Heart Health training program so she has in depth knowledge of the relationship between diet, lifestyle and heart disease markers. She is also a trained teacher who regularly delivers workshops about health. As well as private practice Joanna works as a nutritionist at health fairs for TFL employees. She has been in practice for 9 years and as a member of the BANT CPD committee she is constantly updating her knowledge of nutritional science.


Interests:Gut health, Healthy Aging, Hormones


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