Julien Barker

Like many graduates of the McTimoney Chiropractic College, Julien’s first experience of Chiropractic was as a patient. Aged 17, he hit a parked car on a push bike and went through the back windscreen.  A bit of a stiff neck became a serious problem several years later, severely affecting his shoulder and sleep. At the age of 19, he was being advised that he would need to take painkillers for the rest of his life. His mother then suggested a Chiropractor. (“Chiro-what?!”) Three sessions later and the problem was resolved. To date, it still hasn’t returned.  Of course there have been a few injuries since then but Chiropractic is always Julien’s first choice for treatment and is the key to a speedy recovery.

Julien graduated with a B.Sc Hons degree in Applied Biology from Bath University in 1992.  After a few years working in a hard science environment as a microbiologist, he trained as a Chiropractor.  After 4 years of training I graduated and began my career in May 2000 at the Rose & Crown clinic in South Molton.  After ten good years, Julien decided it was time to fly solo and set up his own clinic at 11 South Street.

Whilst holding true to the principals of McTimoney Chiropractic, Julien mostly uses Activator Chiropractic methods these days. Julien is one of only forty Advanced Proficiency rated Activator practitioners in the UK and, to date, the only one in Devon. Julien also integrates Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT), as well as Dry Needling. Once the patient’s problem is diagnosed, Julien uses a variety of skills to create a bespoke treatment which will fit individual healthcare needs. The bulk of Julien’s referrals come from personal recommendation.

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