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Sandra O’Connell (ND) studied Natural Medicine with the Australian College of Natural Medicine and completed her studies with a Diploma of Applied Science – Naturopathy and a Practitioner of Herbal Medicine. She also completed a Nutrition, Flower Essences, Kinesiology – Touch for health, Mineral Therapy and Iridology Certificate as part of her studies in 1995. With over 15 years clinical experience, in treating people with various health issues: Digestive disorders, Fertility, High Cholesterol, Immunity, Insomnia & Fatigue to name a few.

Sandra was fascinated with iridology when she was studying at College, while learning about the Diagnostic tool she was using family members to practice on. When one day looking at her sister’s eyes, detected an unusual marking, laughed it off, and thought it was all hocus pocus.  7 years later, the reading was confirmed, her sister suffered an aneurysm. Sandra is grateful to this day for all the doctors and surgeons that worked on her, and that she is alive to tell her story of the incredible journey she had. Sandra went on to study more of this incredible tool and uses it in her practice everyday, with incredible results and information from peoples eyes.

Sandra worked with a vitamin company – Natures Own as a Naturopath and travelled around Australia and overseas, Fiji, Vanuatu, Hong Kong & Dubai conducting introductory Iridology consultations and presented seminars on various health topics. She gained great experience in the field of Iridology during these consultations, as some days were filled with 100 people in the one day! Gaining great exposure and a great interested, she went on the do more studies and learning in the field of Iridology. She completed a course in Physical, Emotional and Essential Iridology.

Viewing over 20 000 eyes in the last 15 years she has gained incredible experience in the field of Iridology.

Iridology is the examination of the iris, the coloured parts of the eye. Every organ corresponds with a section of the iris. Observing markings, signs and discolourations on the iris surface, around the iris rim and pupil edge can indicate inherited weaknesses and strengths. Iridology can not diagnose a disease, however, it can detect underlying signs of developing symptoms at an early stage. Various options can then be explored in individualising a health care plan to make changes in a diet and lifestyle as a preventative measure.

Naturopathy utilises natural medicines derived from herbs and nutrients, coupled with supportive advice regarding diet, exercise, lifestyle and relaxation techniques. Consultations are individually geared to treat the person in a holistic manner.

Sandra is currently conducting 30 minute & 1 hour Naturopathic & Iridology assessments throughout Ireland. She is available in

Co.Tipperary – Clonmel, Nenagh, Cashel.

Co. Cork – Mitchelstown, Cork, Fermoy,

Co. Kerry – Tralee, Kilarney.
Co. Limerick, Castleconnell, Newcastle West, Knocklong

She is currently Lecturing at the College of Natural Medicine in Cork and Dublin and is working in her own clinic in Knocklong where she is always busy mixing up a herbal brew for her patients and conducting Iridology & Naturopathic Consultations.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Sandra 0871047727 or via email

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Email: moc.liam@tnsiri
Phone: +353871047727

Maxine Sheils

About Maxine Sheils

Maxine is a Nutritional Therapy graduate of the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Manchester who has recently joined Igennus as a customer support nutritionist and is based here in Cambridge. Her interest in nutrition was sparked after working as an au pair in Australia to a family who were living on a raw food diet where coincidentally, she started to endure severe digestive problems. She joined CNM as a student to further her new found passion and was able to support her own body in regaining health. Maxine is passionate about nutrition and her ability to help others achieve their optimal health. She specializes in female hormonal problems such as endometriosis, thyroid problems, stress, autoimmunity and digestive disorders. Her degree in psychology provides her with a strong ability to understand and motivate others to achieve their health goals.