Tony Harrison

Tony_HarrisonTony is a qualified Nutrition Advisor offering nutrition and lifestyle advice, including online services, from the East Midlands area (Oakham, Rutland).

As a Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor, his methods are based on supporting and healing the body and mind through food, correcting any underlying causes to help prevent illness rather than continuously treating only the symptoms.

We are all very different – we have a unique lifestyle, medical history and diet and this is why many ‘one size fits all’ diets, detox plans or supplements do not work, especially in the long term. When working with clients, Tony takes into account current symptoms, but also looks at the bigger picture to consider any influences on health that may be coming from diet, exposure to stress, lifestyle and other potential factors – this is known as an holistic approach and aims to treat everyone as an individual with a unique set of circumstances.

Through his consultation services, any advice or programmes prepared are personalised and developed from the information shared about diet, lifestyle and other factors. This ensure that any recommendations and solutions are achievable and in a timeframe that allows for changes to be made at a set pace.

Tony helps people understand and address many common issues surrounding day-to-day health concerns, including fat loss, food cravings, digestive complaints (such as IBS, bloating, cramps, heartburn), fatigue, headaches, poor concentration, mood swings, skin problems, depression and anxiety.

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