Alzheimer’s treatment & dementia prevention

Overview Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining brain health throughout life. In this section we focus on brain ageing and the role of omega-3s and micronutrients in preventing structural deterioration, reducing risk factors such as homocysteine and optimising cognitive function, brain cell communication and […]

How our genes tell the story of our future

According to the World Heath Organisation (WHO), there are an estimated 18 million people worldwide with Alzheimer’s disease. This figure is projected to nearly double by 2025 to 34 million. Much of this increase will be in the developing countries, and will be due to […]

Alzheimer’s Research Trust donation

As a company we really love to support worthwhile causes; each month a percentage of our profits is donated to charitable organisations. Many of you are aware of our ongoing support to ME research charity MERGE, but we also like to contribute to other charities […]