Safe support for clients with cancer 1

A client walks into your clinic with a possible diagnosis of bowel cancer after blood has been found in the stool during a routine screening. Do you: Panic and politely ask them to leave whilst you quiver in the corner of your consulting room Pretend […]

Top nutrients for prostate health

When it comes to relationships, they say that women are from Venus and men are from Mars and there are differences of that magnitude between the sexes when considering awareness of sexual health.  With prostate health, few men really grasp the importance, and even less […]

Optimising men’s health: meat, fish & BBQs

Summer is the time of year associated with sunshine and barbeques and, where there are sausages, burgers, flammable liquids, flames and smoke, there will likely be a man adorned with an apron and holding a beer.  Whether men actually prefer red meat or if they […]