Managing depression through diet

While there isn’t one fixed diet that could essentially ‘cure’ depression, there are certain foods that are known to help alleviate symptoms and others known to fuel and drive depressive symptoms. In her recent webinar ‘managing depression through diet’ Dr Nina Bailey explains the importance […]

The relationship between food and mood

Diet and mood have a very close relationship. This may be surprising for some, yet quite logical when considering the physiology of the human brain and how this determines our feelings of joy and excitement or feelings of sadness, despair and hopelessness. There are many […]

Claire De Gruchy, Kent

“My name is Claire De Gruchy, I was recommended to use Pharmepa STEP 1: RESTORE & Omegaflex DUO.   I injured my knee so was already taking another brand of omega fish oils, however I was recommended to switch and I am so glad I did.  I […]


Overview Depression is a complex mental health condition that affects each sufferer differently. Due to concerns about side effects from conventional drugs, many people seek out natural depression treatment solutions. In this section we outline strong evidence for the role of diet and nutrition in […]

Sad about SAD?

While some enjoy crisp winter mornings, snow angels and early nights in front of open fires, others are gripped by the bleak darkness of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). For city slickers and country folk alike, our lifestyle changes with the seasons. Most of us do […]

Sugar highs and serotonin lows by Lola Renton 1

Most of us have experienced the typical three o’clock slump.  You are sitting in the office feeling irritated, moody and tired whilst staring at the biscuit tin in hope of salvation. You know that this tempting piece of sugary heaven does not do you any […]

Feature story: Amanda Bowen

“You’re like a machine!” was something 43 year old Mandy would often hear when friends commented on her boundless energy and zest for life. Despite a busy job working for one of the UK’s leading high street banks, Mandy would jog for up to four […]

Feature story: Teresa Wilmott

It’s a well-coined phrase, but for some people ‘life is a rollercoaster’ is apt. This was true for mother of two, Teresa Willmott. “I have had thyroid issues for a long time which has specific side effects, so when I was particularly low and lethargic […]

Feature story: Jiten Lad

The soaring highs and crushing lows of bipolar disorder are hard for non-suffers to begin to imagine; but they make living a ‘normal’ life virtually impossible. Prescribed medication can leave patients with significant side-effects as payment for some form of relief, but for Leicester-based Jiten […]

EPA: nature’s antidepressant

Fish is a vital source of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acid EPA, which is crucial for balancing the mood-enhancing neurotransmitter serotonin (it has a similar action to SSRIs – selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors). One of the purposes of omega-3 fats is to ensure that cell membranes […]