Feature story: Duncan Evans

The words no one wants to hear from their GP when they are called in to receive results from a blood test – “Sit down Mr Evans, I am afraid I have some bad news for you.” Having had blood tested after a very high […]

Duncan Evans

“I am very committed to Vegepa. Seven years ago I was diagnosed as a type two diabetic and – not surprisingly – with high blood pressure. I also ought to add I have undergone minor surgery to both knees, where the consultant suggested both were […]

Cheryl Davis, Leicester

I have been taking OmegaForce for some time now and would thoroughly recommend it. I initially tried it after having a coronary by-pass operation and suffering with high cholesterol. I have found it keeps my cholesterol to an acceptable level without the need for statins […]


Overview Diabetes mellitus, more commonly referred to as diabetes, is on the rise. It is a metabolic disorder classified by abnormally high blood sugar and low levels of the hormone insulin. When you eat something sweet your blood sugar levels rise quickly, triggering the release […]

Derek Beatty, Chairman of St Albans Diabetes Support Group

I started taking a low dose of Omega Force, a nutrition supplement, last October after having  studied the potential clinical benefits in an effort to reduce the discomfort  associated with diabetic neuropathy. Peripheral  neuropathy is a complication of diabetes which can cause distressing  episodes of […]