Our latest customer feedback survey revealed that over 86% of our customers already have or would be very likely to recommend our supplements to friends – because our products really do work. We set out to produce the highest quality nutritional supplements to make a tangible difference to health and we are proud of the feedback we receive. Here’s a selection of our testimonials.

We’ve also started receiving product reviews and ratings at our online shop, with all of our products receiving an average of 5*. We’d encourage as many of our customers as possible to provide reviews as we are grateful for any and all feedback that helps us to continue meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Please send all comments and feedback to feedback@igennus.com. If you’ve got a story you’d like to share, you can also become a case study.

Jacqueline Page

“Hi, my story of discovering the benefits of Vegepa was through my ex husband and our divorce.   This was a traumatic and upsetting time in my life, and finding myself left to raise two small children, manage a part time job and getting used to a new […]

Judith Banks, Suffolk

Just arrived home and my parcel has arrived……WOW! What service! I would just like to say how impressed I’ve been with you throughout, I received friendly and helpful advice when I needed help, and now cannot believe how quickly the package has arrived; love how […]

Claire De Gruchy, Kent

“My name is Claire De Gruchy, I was recommended to use Pharmepa STEP 1: RESTORE & Omegaflex DUO.   I injured my knee so was already taking another brand of omega fish oils, however I was recommended to switch and I am so glad I did.  I […]

Nicola Reed, Surrey

“My name is Nicola Reed. I am 45 years old & work as a remedial & sports massage therapist. Two years ago I started to develop small itchy red patches on the skin on my legs and arms. Before too long I had these patches […]

Christine Dalton, Sussex

“I bought some Vegepa E-EPA 70 for my grandson aged 5 because he was having difficulties at school. He was restless, would not join in with activities, and was getting into trouble. The SEN representative was getting involved and tried to start dishing out labels […]

Cassandra de Pourtales, Wilts

“I started taking Pharmepa STEP 1: RESTORE (EPA 90) just over a year ago, primarily for severe PMT. I am 39 years old and I had tried absolutely everything for years to get symptoms under control, but nothing was effective. Within five weeks of taking […]

U. Springett, Devon

“My son is 13 years old and had symptoms of adhd. I used to have a chart with good/okay and bad days which helped me cope with my son. After taking the Pharmepa Step 1 (E-EPA 90) capsules for two months or so I did […]

Mrs Stroud, Somerset

“My daughter Natasha suffered a bad bout of pleurisy that, in turn, left her with ME.  Our GP told her it was depression (the ME had made her depressed).  I knew that putting her just on antidepressants was not the answer.  A friend of mine […]

Jacqueline Duffy, Notts

“I would like to forward my appraisal of your product Vegepa and how it has improved my health.  I started having Perrin therapy due to suffering with fibromyalgia; I was advised to take Vegepa, 8 capsules a day, plus milk thistle to help detoxify my […]

Nina Johnson

I am 29 years old and was diagnosed with ME/CFS in summer 2011. I was working part-time at a struggle. I am also on a part time college course and was finding it really hard to concentrate in lectures and when reading. My main symptoms […]

Duncan Evans

“I am very committed to Vegepa. Seven years ago I was diagnosed as a type two diabetic and – not surprisingly – with high blood pressure. I also ought to add I have undergone minor surgery to both knees, where the consultant suggested both were […]

A. Wood

“My diet is very healthy, but due to my part time job as a cook, I was starting to experience real problems with my eyes; they were becoming very dry and I reached the point where I could no longer wear my contact lenses. I […]

T. Willmott, Northamptonshire

“I got diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and high cholesterol; following this I was also diagnosed with mild to moderate depression.  I have taken up a healthy lifestyle, both diet and exercise and, realising that I could not remove the causes of the depression from […]