A.C., West Sussex

It was the year that my dad died that I started the first of many visits to the doctors with aching muscles and chronic tiredness. To start with it was all put down to my dad’s death but after six months the symptoms became worse and not better, and I was still visiting the surgery on a regular basis – the doctors I saw all had a different answer. Over the next few years I visited the doctors many times with what can only be described as lists of ailments not knowing where to begin and which ones were more important. I tried many medications from antidepressants to pain killers – but nothing really had any lasting results. After a few years I fell pregnant with my second child – my symptoms became chronic – every time I returned to the doctor everything was always put down to the pregnancy. I was again prescribed lots of antidepressants etc, but didn’t feel any lasting effects. For the next four and a half years life in our house was quite dire – our quality of life had deteriorated so much, it was an effort to drag myself out of bed. Then just over a year ago we visited a friend and he introduced us to his new girlfriend. We got chatting and she told me all about Vegepa and how it changed her life (she had had many years of depression). I can’t tell you how different it [Vegepa] has made my life. I started by taking 8 a day and in the first few weeks I noticed small changes such as my sleep became less fitful and I was waking more refreshed, as the months went on people started commenting on how healthy I was looking and I started to notice I was able to do more and wanted to do more – like play with the children and take them out. I began to take on more projects at work and this spring I was able to work full time for a short period, and also managed to keep the children and house going while my husband was away. We have joined the National Trust and have enjoyed many days out without me having to go back to the car. The big test is this Sunday I am walking in the Race For Life – this is a real test of how well I am feeling as this time last year I could not even have managed to go to London to watch it let alone take part. I now take 5 tablets a day and still have days when things are not great, but I take a couple more tablets and rest up until I feel ready to carry on. I have begun to lead a normalish life and have started going to dance classes once a week and am looking into doing a part time degree starting this summer.

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M. Sessford, Co. Durham