Anon., Lincoln

‘I thought it might be helpful for other people to have an update on how I’m progressing with the Vegepa capsules (I’ve been on a ‘maintainer’ of 2 capsules a day for a long time now).

A few weeks ago, I picked up that flu bug which has been doing the rounds (all my family had it), and I threw it off reasonably well. However, it came back (as it did for the rest of the family) and, although I’m OK and managed a load of catering at Easter, I’ve been struggling with my energy levels again and have been inclined to fall asleep if I sit down for a break

As a consequence, I upped my intake of Vegepa to five a day, and am beginning to feel stronger and less tired now.

I have 2 children with severe ME. They are aged 17 and 13 and were diagnosed when they were 11 and 7 years old.

Since they have been on them, we have certainly noticed at
Least two things:

1) Their cognitive abilities seem to have improved in that Maths was always a very difficult one since they both became ill. Whenever they tried to do any Maths, the effort in thinking and trying to work things out actually made them feel much more ill and brain fog would descend very quickly. Often this would provoke some of the nastier symptoms of headpains, temperatures etc and feeling very out of it for several hours. In the last couple of weeks however, both of them wished to try some Maths again as part of their distance learning and we were delighted to find that they were able to do a little bit without going rapidly downhill. In particular our eldest has done some long division which she hasn’t done since she was 11 and has no memory of ever learning, so has had to learn it all over again and she is thrilled to be able to do it!

2) (Touch wood) since they have been on the Vegepa they have not had as many colds and viruses as they usually have. For instance, last year between January and May 2005 they each had no less than 5 flu-like viruses each and were very ill throughout the winter and spring that year. This year they have certainly had less.

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M. Staines, Surrey
Dr Michael Midgley MB ChB MRCGP MBKS