Anon., Middlesex

I’ve been taking Vegepa (8 a day – 4 in the morning, 4 in the evening) since Christmas 2005 because I’ve had ME for nearly 10 years. It wasn’t an immediate impact but I noticed within the first 3 months I started to feel a lot stronger, like I was regaining my stamina and could cope better with doing all the stuff I wanted to do but, with the ME, knew I’d have to take at a measured, slow pace. About 6 months into the course I was spending the afternoon in London listening to a friend singing in one of the music stores right in the centre. It was a blazing hot day, there was no air-conditioning and it was crowded. With the ME I’d usually have a blinding headache from being in strong sunlight and be overheating seriously because it would be difficult for me to control my temperature but I noticed as the day progressed I had no headache and although it was hot, I was ‘normally’ hot not over-heating. It was so amazing I went round the rest of the day not wearing my maximum protection sunglasses and squinting in the gorgeous sun rays without a trace of a headache! Also during those first months I noticed my brain working so much better than it had been over the past ten years, my memory was improving and I was thinking more clearly – it was wonderful. I’ve continued taking Vegepa following the 3 month trial period recommended by Professor Puri, in his book Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Natural Way to Treat M.E. and have noticed continual improvement in all of the symptoms I still have left. Whilst I’m not fully recovered yet I am confident I’m getting better much quicker because I’m taking the Vegepa. I have more stamina, more cognitive function, more confidence and sleep better than I did before taking the Vegepa – and it’s still getting better all the time!

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C. Jennings, E. Sussex
Dr A.H.