C. Jennings, E. Sussex

I have been buying Vegepa for about ten months now and I must tell you it has changed my daughter’s life and made me a very happy woman. My girl suffers from Downs Syndrome and has always been a happy little person until we noticed that she was forgetting things a little at a time. We were worried, so asked our doctor for advice; he referred her to another doctor at the hospital and then she was diagnosed as having early onset dementia. I was heartbroken knowing that no-one could help, when she started to become confused and at times seemed to be far away from me. Then one day I read a piece in the paper about the benefits of Vegepa. I sent away for them immediately and have been giving her four every day. It is ten months now and I am pleased to tell you that the change in her is like a miracle; she is no longer confused and she is her happy little self again. I know she cannot be cured but these capsules are helping her greatly and I cannot thank you enough.

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S. Harding, Beds
Anon., Middlesex