Christine Dalton, Sussex

“I bought some Vegepa E-EPA 70 for my grandson aged 5 because he was having difficulties at school. He was restless, would not join in with activities, and was getting into trouble. The SEN representative was getting involved and tried to start dishing out labels – “ADHD etc”, but all of the above symptoms went away, he is calm, gets involved in all school activities. Every day has been a good day. My daughter no longer worries about having to speak to the teacher every day. The teacher and the headmaster have noticed the difference too. It has quite literally changed the life of my grandson and thus the whole family as well as the teacher. Vegepa E-EPA 70 should be available to all children, as the changes in my grandson were no coincidence – no other factors or changes were happening in his life.”



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Nicola Reed, Surrey
Cassandra de Pourtales, Wilts