Claire De Gruchy, Kent

“My name is Claire De Gruchy, I was recommended to use Pharmepa STEP 1: RESTOREOmegaflex DUO.


Claire De Gruchy joints depressionI injured my knee so was already taking another brand of omega fish oils, however I was recommended to switch and I am so glad I did.  I have found them to be helpful, both on a physical level in that my knee is a lot less painful, and on a mental / mood level, as I found them to also help with depression.


Whilst taking these supplements, it is important to acknowledge that it has been a combination of monthly acupuncture/shiatsu treatments, physiotherapy, taking up and practising pilates and rhythm dancing that has had a massive effect on me on many levels and my overall health. I feel fitter and so much stronger. So I can’t claim that it was just the supplements alone, but as part of the promise I have made to take better care of myself, these supplements for me have proved very effective, and I did notice a more pronounced positive effect with the Igennus brand specifically. I was recommended this brand by my therapist, who also had many reports similar to mine, hence why recommending it in the first place.”

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Judith Banks, Suffolk
Nicola Reed, Surrey