Duncan Evans

Duncan EvansI am very committed to Vegepa. Seven years ago I was diagnosed as a type two diabetic and – not surprisingly – with high blood pressure. I also ought to add I have undergone minor surgery to both knees, where the consultant suggested both were severely arthritic and I must be in pain.


In relation to the diabetic condition I was put on metformin, statins and tablets for blood pressure. The statins gave me muscle cramps (I stopped taking them). I had read about the benefit of fish oils, including an article about Vegepa in a broadsheet paper and decided I would take it.


At my last diabetic check-up I was advised by the specialist nurse that my cholesterol was excellent (something like 4.2, with the bad [LDL] being less than 2) and the good type [HDL] obviously making up the balance. My blood pressure was also described as excellent. My joints certainly do not ache like they used to and generally I have noticed a vast improvement in my mobility and I can only put this down to the Vegepa, plus of course my improved lifestyle. My wife recently has also been diagnosed with high cholesterol (6.0) and started taking Vegepa. I will be interested to see if this brings any benefits to her.

In conclusion – you may count me as a fan of your product. I am 62 and semi-retired working 3 days per week.”

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