Derek Beatty, Chairman of St Albans Diabetes Support Group

I started taking a low dose of Omega Force, a nutrition supplement, last October after having  studied the potential clinical benefits in an effort to reduce the discomfort  associated with diabetic neuropathy. Peripheral  neuropathy is a complication of diabetes which can cause distressing  episodes of muscular cramp pain and discomfort.  30 years of insulin treatment for Type 1 diabetes with  almost 22,000 twice daily insulin injections led to my suffering severe muscular  cramps with extreme pain when waking in the morning and I was experiencing about  one acute episode every month.  My pain threshold is low and these  experiences were very distressing to both myself and my wife.  I eat a  balanced diet and am careful of what I eat and drink and try to exercise daily  to so as to minimise the risk of complications of diabetes but these episodes of  painful neuropathy came without warning.

I have been taking Omega Force  now for 8 months, one tablet daily each morning, and started to notice benefits  after about 2 – 3 months.  I did experience one very severe neuropathy  episode last December due to severe stress, and have occasionally experienced  minor episodes, however I can confidently say that I think Omega Force has  significantly minimised the incidence and severity of painful neuropathy  episodes I previously experienced.

I  was also interested to learn that Omega Force may be a useful supplement in the  treatment of neurological disorders.  Recurrent hypoglycaemia in patients with diabetes can lead to hypoglycaemia unawareness causing memory loss, neurological problems, and sometimes depression, which I experienced when  incorrectly treated with a 20% overdose of the wrong insulin for 9 years from  1985 – 1994.  Having personally experienced a very stressful time in  the  last 8 months I also am of the opinion that Omega Force supplement has assisted  in keeping me feeling positive and emotionally stable in difficult  times.

Omega Force may not help everyone who suffers from diabetes but for anyone suffering from painful neuropathy episodes it is certainly  worth trying for a period of a minimum of three months then assessing your  wellbeing. Thank you for introducing me to Omega Force.

Healthcare  Consultant
Chairman,  St Albans and District Voluntary Diabetes Support Group affiliated to Diabetes  UK

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A.G. Essex
Danielle Nulty, Staffs