Dr A.H.

I have a six year old son, Alexander, who was found to have a combination of dyspraxia, dyslexia and ADD last year. I was advised by a friend who teaches special needs children to give fish oils a try. I have always fed my son ‘proper’ fresh, additive free food with plenty of fruit and vegetables and the absolute minimum of frozen or ready prepared food, sweets and absolutely no fizzy drinks.

I started with EyeQ in August 2006 and noticed a gradual improvement in his behaviour which then slipped back when I reduced the dose from the high loading dose to the maintenance dose and improved again when I increased the dose once more.

I read about Vegepa in the Metro. I immediately sent off for some Vegepa and Mini VegeCo and have now been using them for 2 months. There has been a sustained improvement in all aspects of my son’s behaviour, concentration, reading age and general well-being and happiness. I will be continuing to give him Vegepa for the next few years as I am convinced that it is making a real difference to his development.

As a mother of a previously rather difficult, backward, disruptive and unhappy little boy who is now happy, able to concentrate for much longer than previously, read appropriately for his age and be far less disruptive at school however, I am convinced that Vegepa has very real benefits over cheaper formulations and have recommended it to several of my friends who have children with similar problems my son’s.

Many thanks for producing this product which has been such a great benefit to my son, and, indirectly, to the rest of the family as a result.

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Anon., Middlesex
Sara, Isle of Wight