G. Garrier, RHYL

I started taking Vegepa capsules (4/day) shortly after I was diagnosed with post viral chronic fatigue syndrome in 2006. I returned to part-time work in January this year (2009) and currently work full-time since August 2009 (30 hours/week). My symptoms have gradually improved with mindful, step-wise progress. Chronic symptoms have been abated completely this year, but I am aware of picking up successive colds this winter (since October), which is understandable as I work in a college and come into contact with lots of young students on a daily basis. I conclude that the Vegepa capsules have complemented my overall recovery plans along with regular exercise; Yoga, cycling and walking along with a positive attitude to getting well and being healthy.

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P. Akhter, Northampton
Cheryl Davis, Leicester