Helen McNallen, Notts

When I wanted to come off my antidepressants my psychiatrist strongly recommended that I take a good omega supplement, as clinical studies have proven the benefits of fish oil in depression. EPA can significantly alleviate symptoms of depression in its most severe form. I did as he said but didn’t feel any different and almost gave up taking them until a friend of mine who has suffered from ME told me about Vegepa. She told me to take 4 a day. I have never looked back.For the first time since taking supplements I actually felt a difference and now I take them every day without fail. I take other supplements too but if I am travelling the only ones I take are Vegepa as they make such a difference. Thank you Vegepa. I would recommend them to anyone and particularly anyone suffering from depression or mental health problems. You can’t get the quality and quantity you need from your diet and I defy anyone not to notice a difference if you take them properly.


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M. Jones, Morden
T. Cummings, Bangor