J.S., Australia

I have psoriasis and have had since I was about 13.  Over the years I have tried dozens of treatments with thousands of dollars, plus diets. I have been in remission twice after visiting the Dead Sea in Israel for 6 weeks at a time, but that was several years ago and now with 4 children it is not really an option money wise or emotionally for us to go again.

I am now 32. Sometimes over the years, the psoriasis gets so bad that most of my body has been covered and I am an itching, bleeding, tortured mass.  I was becoming this way early last year (2008), when someone kindly sent me 3 months worth of Vegepa and instructed me to take 8 – 10 capsules a day, which I began immediately.  At this point I was moisturising my skin several times a day and it was very painful for me to even apply the moisturiser, making me gasp in pain as it soaked in.  

For me the results after taking the Vegepa were amazing.  Firstly the itching stopped so that I didn’t wake in the night unable to control the burning and itching and ending up with blood on my sheets and night clothes (which would stick to me). This happened after a couple of weeks maybe.  This was relief enough.

Slowly and unbelievably the angry redness began to dull and the rapid scaling slowed down, until I began to not have to moisturise several times a day or even at all in some places. Almost my entire stomach and rib area were a thick plate of red, scaling, cracking, itching. Slowly it began to grow lighter and lighter and smoother. I wasn’t game to hope or to rejoice too quickly, knowing how stubborn this condition is. 

But after three months, seeing was believing and my stomach and rib area were completely clear, as was my lower back. My legs cleared up and so mostly did my arms. I still have very stubborn areas on the top of my back (across my shoulders), behind my ears and across my forehead, and it has returned a little to my knees and elbows. But my fingernails, which were painfully being eaten down underneath the nail and all pitted, have improved significantly, so that they have almost completely grown out smooth and pink. One thumb still has a little way to go.

I have been taking this Vegepa for almost 12 months now, noticing

the greatest improvement in the first 3 months. After that I did lower my dose for a while, not wanting to run out. In the last couple of months I have increased it again to 8 – 10 capsules.

I really hope people are willing to give it a go. Sometimes you get so tired of the expense and hassle of trying new things that you give up for awhile…..that’s how I was when my aunty told me about it……I thought it sounded good but I wasn’t willing or able to invest at that time, more money into trying something new….AGAIN….so I thought “another day.’   If only they would try this for 3 months!

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Danielle Nulty, Staffs