Jacqueline Duffy, Notts

“I would like to forward my appraisal of your product Vegepa and how it has improved my health.  I started having Perrin therapy due to suffering with fibromyalgia; I was advised to take Vegepa, 8 capsules a day, plus milk thistle to help detoxify my body.


I also suffer with psoriasis, which I’ve had from very young, always in a chronic state, without any clearance at all. To my amazement, after eight months taking Vegepa, my skin has improved nearly 100%.  I’ve never felt it so soft and clear, with only a few patches of psoriasis which are hardly noticeable. I have also cut out wheat and dairy products.  The combination of all I have been advised to do has improved my health.  I am so glad to have been told about Vegepa.  I will continue to take it for the rest of my life!”

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Mrs Stroud, Somerset
Nina Johnson