Jacqueline Page

Jacqueline Page crop“Hi, my story of discovering the benefits of Vegepa was through my ex husband and our divorce.


This was a traumatic and upsetting time in my life, and finding myself left to raise two small children, manage a part time job and getting used to a new area that we had recently moved to left me feeling vulnerable, tired, unable to concentrate and low self esteem.


I turned to exercise to boost my energy levels and for a while I coped, but in 2005 I had a breakdown and suffered with panic attacks. My GP prescribed citalopram but I did not want to be on them long term and stopped after two years.


Through my ex husbands work, he told me about a psychiatrist who used omega-3 to treat patients with mental health issues, mainly depression.  My ex ordered a 12-month supply of Vegepa for me and I have been taking them ever since.


I noticed my mental and physical health vastly improve after about 3 months of taking Vegepa. Immediately my hair and nails became stronger and I noticed my joints were less painful after a bout at the gym. My concentration and decision making skills greatly improved and I got a promotion at work, completed a degree and started dating again.  I have never looked back.”

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