J.B., Norfolk

For over three years I was desperately ill, suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome and muscle and joint pain. I was offered anti-depressants from my doctor. I was reluctant to take these as I do not like drugs of any kind. I was ill at the time though and thought I would give them a try. These drugs caused havoc in my body – the side effects were horrendous. Mentally and physically I was a wreck. I wanted a quick fix and thought this was the solution. It did not work. In fact, it even made matters worse. I was offered seroxat, another anti-depressant, which tipped me mentally over the edge and I even tried to commit suicide. I had not slept for two years and was subsequently given sleeping tablets. I was not, however, aware that I might become addicted to sleeping tablets, which I did. Chronic fatigue syndrome then set in. I was unable to get out of my bed to even wash or feed myself – I was that exhausted. I could not function normally, the situation was devastating. I did not want to live.

Going back two years, I was taken out by a friend where we came across a book. Unfortunately I was too ill to consider reading this book. I came upon the book, A natural way to beat depression by Professor Puri, again one year later and was able to read a chapter. I then decided to try Vegepa, as recommended by Professor Puri, the outcome of which has changed my life. I have now fully recovered from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome and muscle and joint pain. I am now sleeping seven hours a night and have so much energy – I cannot believe how well I feel. I am so happy and positive and am grateful for every day – it’s good to be alive. I would like to thank Professor Puri and others involved in the study of these essential fatty acids, as they have changed my life for the better. I hope other people can be cured as I have been.

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R.E. aged 55 years, South Africa
Chris, Essex