G.K. London

I have been suffering from intense panic attacks and depression for almost a year. I visited a few doctors and most of them (9/10) insisted that I should start taking antidepressants. I really don’t like to rely on any kind of pills or medicine and hesitated to start taking antidepressants until my condition was becoming unbearable. The 10th doctor I visited introduced me to Vegepa. After 2 months of taking antidepressants, I played doctor and stopped the antidepressants and followed the advice of the last doctor –
Vegepa: 6 a day. After a few months I have to say that I was back to normal again. It’s been a year and 2 months now and I haven’t suffered from any panic disorders thanks to Vegepa. I now take 2 every morning and my mood and energy levels have never been better!

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Cheryl Davis, Leicester
Dr. C.A.P., Worcestershire