M. Sessford, Co. Durham

I am writing to tell you that I feel wonderful. Why and how, and why should you be interested? Simple really. I have been taking 8 Vegepa capsules per day since 10 June 2005; I am now in my 10th week.

After over 6 months of crippling headaches, severe visual problems, desperate fatigue and pain in my muscles, which culminated in a flu-like illness in December 1999, I was finally diagnosed in June 2000 as suffering from M.E. Since then I have had relapses and partial recovery – sleeping 17 hours per day was the only thing that helped in any way, and even then I felt ill.

With hindsight, I know that I first had M.E/CFS in 1977, followed by the typical recovery and relapsing pattern over these many years. All I was told by the medical profession was that I had a persistent virus in my bloodstream, and there was nothing they could do.

In May, an acquaintance who knew I was ill but had not previously known with what, drew my attention to an article in Choice magazine entitled ‘Natural Lift for M.E. Patients’. The article went into detail about the research carried out by Professor B.K. Puri and colleagues at Hammersmith Hospital. This followed an earlier article in You Magazine on 24 April which also gave details of how and where to obtain the recommended treatment.

I decided to try yet one more treatment. I sent for a supply of Vegepa and after only 10 weeks I feel wonderful. I feel that I have ‘me’ back rather than M.E. which had taken over my body and, consequently, my life. I feel better than I have felt for many, many years. Actually, I want to climb up onto the roof and shout the good news from there but perhaps I-m not quite up to that – yet.

I had intended to write to you after the three month trial period, but I feel so well and so many of my friends have commented on the change in me, that I had to write now. I find it very hard to believe the miracle that has, and is, taking place in me.

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J.F., Sussex
A.C., West Sussex