M. Staines, Surrey

‘First, thank you to Professor Puri and Hilary Boyd, author of The Natural Way to Beat Depression because that’s how I found out about Vegepa and VegeCO. I take both as does my husband. I am 62 years old – I have never felt so well. I had a bad bout of clinical depression a while ago and have been on anti-depressants for years at the maximum dose. Now after being on Vegepa I have reduced the dose significantly. Also my cholesterol has always been high at 6.5 and at times even higher – that’s even when I’ve been on statins. It’s now 4.0 and my blood pressure is also much lower. I do combine these with a healthy diet and exercise. My husband’s (aged 68) cholesterol is now 3.5 and blood pressure the lowest it’s ever been. He has been taking Vegepa for 9 months now.

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Tony Maycock
Anon., Lincoln