N.S., Dorset

I used to be full of health, always active and rarely ill. Then in October 2000 after two weeks of feeling very poorly (stiffness, photophobia, headaches, loss of bodily controls, high temp etc) I was finally diagnosed and admitted to hospital with viral meningitis ………..

My symptoms continued to get worse, and along with depression there were days when I would not get out of bed…… I think the point when I had had enough was when my hands and joints felt like they were failing me. Opening a bottle or a can was sometimes impossible….. A friend recommended a specialist in muscular skeletal chronic pain, who concluded that despite there being no definitive test it was highly likely that I was suffering with Fibromyalgia (FMS).

I was instructed to have the York Food test to eliminate any allergies (I was found to have a yeast intolerance)….I also had blood tests to eliminate anything further such as coeliacs disease (a condition I had as a young child)…. I was prescribed Amytriptiline on varying doses, but I was either left exhausted or awake and with little difference to my pain. I think for about 3 years following this, I gave up…. Then my luck changed. I saw an old friend whose parents and brother suffers from ME and/or FMS and they advised I took Vegepa. After looking at it online and discussing it with my Mum, she ordered a months trial for me. Within a fortnight I felt dramatically more energised, my pain was alleviated and while I still have a poor immune system and pick up bugs left right and centre, my health and outlook is vastly improved…. I am happier than ever and combating this condition full on…. I would recommend Vegepa to anyone and everyone. It is good for a person of good health and brilliant for a person with a condition like mine. FMS is not an easy condition to live with, but life is as good as it can be right now and I have Vegepa to thank.

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C.D., Leicester
S.A., West Sussex