Nicola Reed, Surrey

Nicola ReedMy name is Nicola Reed. I am 45 years old & work as a remedial & sports massage therapist. Two years ago I started to develop small itchy red patches on the skin on my legs and arms. Before too long I had these patches all over my body. A visit to my GP and a biopsy later I was informed that it was psoriasis.


By June 2013 some of the patches on my legs were the size of the palm of my hand and my confidence & self esteem were at an all time low. I had tried all the usual treatments from my GP, mainly topical creams and had also changed my diet by restricting wheat & dairy. The patches stopped getting any worse but also didn’t seem to be getting any better.


I saw a nutritionist who thought that a deficiency in omega 3 (I’d been a vegetarian for 20 years) topped with a gluten intolerance had left me with a highly unhappy gut, inflammation & sensitivity to many other foods & drinks, resulting in an auto-immune disease. He started me on Pharmepa Step 1 Restore and gradually, gradually the patches on my skin are now only on my legs and have shrunk to the size of 5 pence pieces. I’m pretty sure it’s the omega 3 mixed with healthy bacteria & a gluten free diet.”

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