Nina Johnson

I am 29 years old and was diagnosed with ME/CFS in summer 2011. I was working part-time at a struggle. I am also on a part time college course and was finding it really hard to concentrate in lectures and when reading. My main symptoms were fatigue and aching muscles, especially in my legs.

I started taking Vegepa from Igennus in October 2011 taking 8 per day. Within a couple of months I was thinking a lot clearer and my concentration seemed to dramatically improve. Muscle soreness, energy levels and sleep patterns also improved. As well as the supplements I was doing gentle yoga stretches 1-3 times per week. I had the Perrin technique for a couple of months and then felt able to maintain my health using Vegepa and the Perrin technique homecare routine. I have now reduced the Vegepa supplements to 4 per day as a maintenance dose. From my experience I highly recommend taking Vegepa as I have found it extremely helpful to my on-going recovery.

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Jacqueline Duffy, Notts
Duncan Evans