I have been classed as a severe M.E. sufferer since collapsing nearly seven years ago at work and ending up bedridden at the hands of my local social services. It took a number of years for a diagnosis including many misdiagnoses along the way. The diagnosis of M.E. explained a number of problems I had had since receiving my BCG jab at school in my early teens. Like a lot of people with M.E. I was very fit and active and only a few years before I collapsed I undertook a walk across the Jordanian desert where I impressed the local Bedouin with my abilities.

Before taking Vegepa I was unable to hold a conversation for very long, could not read a form or much text in any format, was unable to listen to music as well as a lot of other problems. When I started taking two capsules of Vegepa a day my brain fog improved and my short and long term memory increased after about two and a half months to such an extent that everyone noticed. I increased my dose to four capsules a day a few months later and found a further improvement including my coordination improving dramatically. I then moved to six and eventually eight capsules a day which

is the dose I still take now (and have been on for over a year).

I still have some problems with my mobility, struggle on telephone calls (because of the speaker being by my ear) and have bad brain fog at times but I know I have over done things when I have it now and I do not have the brain fog any more just because I spoke to someone for a few minutes. I am still improving and hope to regain my mobility soon.

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S.N., Herts
P.C. Lancashire