S. Harding, Beds

For the want of sounding like a slightly potty 41 year old I can hardly believe myself the complete metamorphose I have been through in the last 3 months. For the last three years I was totally dependant on taking drugs for depression and anxiety.

Vegepa has ‘opened a secret door with a forgotten key’. That really is putting it in a nutshell. I knew I was always ‘different’ at school; my brain just couldn’t connect. It is like have a filing cabinet with all your files mixed up; but I knew I wasn’t stupid.

At work they don’t know what has hit them! I am like a whirlwind, everyone but everyone has noticed the change in me. I have never been so focused and organised. Things that I have put off for years are now back on the top of my list.

My medication had been creeping worryingly up just trying to cope with life, let alone running a company of 35 plus employees. Over the last 6 weeks I have felt so well I have very slowly been decreasing my medication and simultaneously increased Vegepa to 4 capsules a day. I want to shout my story from the treetops because I love the new me.

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A.P., Milton Keynes
C. Jennings, E. Sussex