S. Murphy, Wigan

I have a Bi-Polar disorder and struggled with it for 26 years. Depression was the biggest problem. I read Prof. Puri’s book about treating the condition naturally and in Jan 2006 started taking a treatment dose of Vegepa + Antidpressants and Lithium carbonate. I have continued to take the maintenance dose of Vegepa (3 per day) and no longer take antidepressants (since July 2007). I have remained well and stable for 4 years now and don’t have to suffer the side effects of mind altering drugs to achieve real quality of life. I am a mother; I have a full time job and have had some very tough financial challenges since losing my career in banking due to absence with Bi-Polar. I don’t believe I could have coped with all of this without my combination of Lithium and Vegepa.

Thank you

P.S. My 10 year old son has borderline ADHD, well managed with x1 Vegepa per day.

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N. Lonergan, Dublin
T. Chance, Southampton