Sara, Isle of Wight

I have suffered with fibromyalgia for six years forcing me to stop working as a college lecturer and lead a restricted life. About seven months ago, I started therapy with the Combination Approach developed by Norah Wickerson in Derby (see which has resulted in significant steps towards recovery.

At the beginning of this year, I began to take the recommended dose for fibromyalgia sufferers of eight Vegepa capules a day with the vitamin supplement. Almost immediately, I noticed a qualitative improvement in my sleeping with a more usual length of period asleep (eight or so hours). I began to actively look forward to going to bed after years of seemingly endless dreaming sleep which had left me, even after ten or eleven hours, feeling unrefreshed and fatigued.

The other noticeable change over the last few weeks is a stabilisation of mood. The intense anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed that can accompany fibromyalgia have gone completely.

Another improvement that is now becoming apparent after a month of taking Vegepa is a benefit to my blood circulation. Before, my hands and feet were excessively cold and it was noticeable that I was always wearing more layers of clothing than anyone else. This situation is definitely improving.

Undoubtedly, I shall be continuing to take my current dosage of Vegepa in the future.

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Dr A.H.
Stuart Morris I.I.H.H.T dip,