Stuart Morris I.I.H.H.T dip,

I have used nutritional therapy alongside the therapies I practice for nearly 20 years now and I have used many variations of essential fatty acids in the process. I have indeed had varying results with myself and patients using essential fatty acids to treat conditions such as M.E, Parkinson�s disease, depression, anxiety –  inflammatory conditions of any kind to name a few. I have now reached a point where for me I am now converting my client base to Omega and Vegepa oils as the results and feedback from my clients has consistently been very, very positive. I have experienced for myself, and seen it in my clients, the beneficial effect of using a top quality essential oil and have no hesitation therefore in recommending these products to anyone with health issues such as those mentioned above and beyond. I would also recommend the company themselves as they have been very helpful to me in supporting health days that I have undertaken with practical support and good science behind the product. I therefore would recommend them to my colleagues in my profession as a very conscientious company (and that makes a difference to me) alongside products that produce excellent health benefits.

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Sara, Isle of Wight
Tony Maycock