T. Willmott, Northamptonshire

Teresa Wilmott: determined to lead a full, fit & healthy life without antidepressants

“I got diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and high cholesterol; following this I was also diagnosed with mild to moderate depression.  I have taken up a healthy lifestyle, both diet and exercise and, realising that I could not remove the causes of the depression from my life, I had to deal with them.


So I came off the antidepressants and discovered Vegepa.  Not only has this helped my mood swings, brain function, hair and nails, but the evening primrose oil has also helped with other areas too. I stopped taking the Vegepa just before Christmas and started to get comments that I kept talking to myself, so I’m back on them again and am pleased to say that I am talking to myself less and less. I have also recomended them to friends and family.”

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A. Wood
S. Watts, Kent