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The Opti-O-3 blood spot test includes a fatty acid profile and measures key inflammatory biomarkers including the omega-3 index, the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio and the most sensitive inflammatory biomarker, the AA to EPA ratio. The Opti-O-3 is the first and only fatty acid test to identify a patient’s specific omega-3 dose required to bring their biomarkers into healthy target ranges.

Facilitating personalised clinical nutrition

Nutrient dosing is one of the hardest things to get right. Each of our clients is individual and whilst the science may indicate an ideal dose for a condition, the size, gender, age and clinical history of a client all have an impact on the effect of the chosen dose. When it comes to fatty acid treatment, you will know that client response varies considerably and finding the ideal dose for a specific client can involve some adjustment over time.

Many clinical trials fail to take into consideration the baseline levels of a nutrient and so it is unsurprising that many studies end up negative and confusing and, more often than not, studies that do measure baseline nutrient levels find those patients with the lowest levels respond best to the one-size-fits-all single dose intervention used. Personalising nutrition support is vital to success and the Opti-O-3 test report will help you understand your clients’ current nutrient status so you can make informed decisions and optimise the clinical benefits of nutrient intervention.


Competition closes 30th April 2015 and the winner will be selected at random and announced shortly after.

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